Examples Command

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         		 🚀 Jaeles beta v0.16 by @j3ssiejjj 🚀

               The Swiss Army knife for automated Web Application Testing


 jaeles scan|server|config [options]
 jaeles scan|server|config|report -h -- Show usage message

  jaeles scan   --  Scan list of URLs based on selected signatures
  jaeles server --  Start API server
  jaeles config --  Configuration CLI
  jaeles report --  Generate HTML report based on scanned output

Core Flags:
  -c, --concurrency int         Set the concurrency level (default 20)
  -o, --output string           Output folder name (default "out")
  -s, --signs strings           Signature selector (Multiple -s flags are accepted)
  -x, --exclude strings         Exclude Signature selector (Multiple -x flags are accepted)
  -L, --level int               Filter signatures by level (default 1)
  -G, --passive                 Turn on passive detections (default: false)
  -p, --params strings          Custom params -p='foo=bar' (Multiple -p flags are accepted)
  -H, --headers strings         Custom headers (e.g: -H 'Referer: {{.BaseURL}}') (Multiple -H flags are accepted)

Mics Flags:
      --proxy string            Proxy for sending request
      --timeout int             HTTP timeout (default 20s)
      --debug                   Debug
  -v, --verbose                 Verbose
      --no-db                   Disable Database
  -S, --selectorFile string     Signature selector from file
  -J, --format-input            Enable special input format (default is false)
  -f, --found string            Run host OS command when vulnerable found
  -O, --summaryOutput string    Summary output file (default is "jaeles-summary.txt")
      --passiveOutput string    Passive output folder (default is "passive-out")
      --passiveSummary string   Passive Summary file
      --sp string               Selector for passive detections (default "*")
      --single string           Forced running in single mode
      --sverbose bool           Store verbose info in summary file
  -N  --no-output bool          Disable store output
      --json bool               Store output as JSON format
      --chunk bool              Enable chunk running against big input
  -I, --inline string           Inline Detections
  -q, --quiet                   Enable Quiet Output
  -Q, --quietFormat string      Format for quiet output (default "{{.VulnURL}}")
  -R, --report string           HTML report file name
      --title string            HTML report title
      --html string             Enable generate HTML reports after the scan done
      --hh string               Full help message
      --dr                      Shortcut for disable replicate request (avoid sending many timeout requests)
      --fi                      Enable filtering mode (to use Diff() detection)
      --lc                      Shortcut for '--proxy'
      --at                      Enable Always True Detection for observe response
      --ba                      Shortcut for take raw input as '{{.BaseURL}}'

Examples Commands:
  jaeles scan -s <signature> -u <url>
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s <signature> -U <list_urls> -L <level-of-signatures>
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s <signature> -U <list_urls>
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s <signature> -U <list_urls> -p ''
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s <signature> -U <list_urls> -f 'noti_slack "{{.vulnInfo}}"'
  jaeles scan -v -c 50 -s <signature> -U list_target.txt -o /tmp/output
  jaeles scan -s <signature> -s <another-selector> -u
  echo '{"BaseURL":""}' | jaeles scan -s sign.yaml -J
  jaeles scan -G -s <signature> -s <another-selector> -x <exclude-selector> -u
  cat list_target.txt | jaeles scan -c 100 -s <signature>

Others Commands:
  jaeles server -s '/tmp/custom-signature/sensitive/.*' -L 2 --fi
  jaeles server --host --port 5000 -s '/tmp/custom-signature/sensitive/.*' -L 2
  jaeles config reload --signDir /tmp/standard-signatures/
  jaeles config add -B /tmp/custom-active-signatures/
  jaeles config update --repo
  jaeles report -o /tmp/scanned/out
  jaeles report -o /tmp/scanned/out --title 'Passive Report'
  jaeles report -o /tmp/scanned/out --title 'Verbose Report' --sverbose


Start API Server

  jaeles server [flags]

  -h, --help          help for server
      --host string   IP address to bind the server (default "")
  -A, --no-auth       Turn off authenticated on API server
      --port string   Port (default "5000")

Burp Integration

Burp Integration